It’s not just that most photography manuals are overly complicated, it’s that they don’t answer the really important questions.  They are not telling you what you really want to know.

They explain aperture when what you really want to know is how to make your backgrounds blurry.

They tell you about white balance when all you are looking for is how to create beautiful color, right in the camera.

I realized there was this disconnect between what most photography courses taught and what photographers actually wanted to learn.

You want to learn how to really use your camera – control it, make it do what you see in your head.

And that’s different than just learning about what your camera does with a little bit of photographic theory thrown in.

So, I was inspired to create a solution that closed the gap.  To take photographers from confusion to clarity with something fun, fast and simple.

In truth, photographing in manual is easy, painless and liberating.

CLICK WITH A PURPOSE is a 3 hour beginners photography course for those that want to master their camera and finally Click With A Purpose!


This is for you if …


  • You’ve got the eye and the passion for photography, but are still a bit unsure about how to use your DSLR.
  • You shoot mainly in auto, or semi-auto modes, and are just riding on hope that you don’t run into a situation your camera can’t handle.
  • You are just lacking a little knowledge, a little know-how.

And once you’ve got it, you are going to fly. Like, really take off.

You don’t have the time to “figure it all out,” play around with your settings, read through photography text books, or take courses that are months long.  And you know that one day it’s going to catch up with you.

A session your camera can’t handle. It gets it wrong, and you can’t fix it.  It’s sad, but you feel there isn’t really anyone you can ask, or chat to about your fears, your problems.

If you are interested in taking the 3 Hour Intro to Digital Photography - Click With A Purpose, fill the form out below and we will let you know our upcoming classes.

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Intro to Digital DSLR Photography 3 Hour Course   -     $250


Classes are limited to 10 photographers

Classes are held in our studio located in Santa Ana, CA.

Classes are scheduled on week day evenings and weekends.

Private Classes are available

Items you will need:


DSLR Camera (Canon, Nikon, Sony - 2010 or Newer)

Laptop Computer

Digital Media Card (Compact Flash / SD Flash Card)

Digital Media Card Reader

Notebook - Pen

Click With A Purpose eBook - free download with class. Coupon Code emailed after payment of class.

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